Misty Ventures

Economic Development is not something new to Mistawasis First Nation. Some great efforts have been done in the past to the present in many forms. It could include the strong agricultural and trading industry in the past to modern business operations. The creation of Misty Ventures Inc. in about 2011 that was done with support from a program initiated with the Federal department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and the private sector.

Once the process started it did take a few years to get traction, as Economic development is not something that is created overnight but over time. With a great team of leadership , community members, band departments, and external partners there has been progress made. The leadership made a decision to pursue band members that were motivated and had the ability to contribute on the Board with experience in business. That brings us to today in 2016 where Misty Ventures is business ready and open for business and opportunities.

Modern Clan was brought on board to develop everything from brand development to all public facing marketing materials to website development for Misty Ventures.