Community Consultation

All voices in the community must be heard

Indigenous leaders will seldom embark on a significant project unless they have reviewed it with their community. Between the complex project details and the disparate geographies of community members, the process of properly consulting the communities in question to determine the attitudes and opinions of members can be an onerous task. Modern Clan helps Indigenous leaders to coordinate and undertake these consultations efficiently and effectively.

Modern Clan principals have led numerous successful community consultations. Our open approach begins by asking the Indigenous community to tell us how they wish to be consulted. Modern Clan uses a variety of methods such as surveys, focus groups, social media, community hall meetings and consultation with key thought and influence leaders to measure a community’s views. Through Modern Clan’s strategic partnerships with a handful of industry-leading firms, consultation can be taken a step further. This involves bringing disparate populations together using tools such as voting, polling and market research, social media and through technology.