What We Do

There is no shortcut to good communications and community engagement.

We work with our clients to develop tailored communication and engagement strategies that ensure community members are well prepared to take advantage of major opportunities in their own territories. We take a “systems” approach to engagement and gatherings. Rather than separating communications processes into silos, we connect key people and technologies to ensure members receive consistent messages, at the right time through the appropriate channels. Beginning with building communication and engagement infrastructure, such as a database of members, we work behind the scenes to support targeted communication and engagement strategies, and, ultimately, bring certainty to processes, governance, and decision-making. Wherever possible, we build community capacity as we go and leave a legacy of communication tools, skills and understanding for comprehensive future communication and engagement on other issues.

Our proven strategic communication and engagement process follows these guidelines:
• Every community is different, and understanding a community’s unique nature is at the core of high quality communication and engagement.
• Engagement must take place on the ground and directly with members.
• Every member needs to have the opportunity to be involved.
• All communication and engagements are comprehensive and use every tool available to reach the broadest cross-section of members possible.
• Everything is data driven.