About Us

At Modern Clan, we know Indigenous communities, organizations, and businesses require various approaches to build stronger and more prosperous communities and organizations. We offer an extensive number of solutions to assist our clients in a broad range of areas.

The expertise and knowledge of our professionals allows Modern Clan to advise on key challenges Indigenous communities and organizations face across Canada. Our goal is to come up with effective, customized solutions to solve problems and maximize opportunities for the Indigenous Nations and clients we serve. With strong connections and knowledge working with the Indigenous community, we came together with a vision to help create positive sustainable change for our clients and Nations. Our teams deep roots in our traditions and values work hand in hand with the clients and Indigenous Nations we work with.

What We Do

There is no shortcut to good marketing, strategic communications and Indigenous engagement.

We work with our clients to develop tailored marketing, strategic communications and Indigenous engagement strategies that ensure community members are well prepared to take advantage of major opportunities in their own territories. We take a “systems” approach to engagement and gatherings. Rather than separating communications processes into silos, we connect key people and technologies to ensure members receive consistent messages, at the right time through the appropriate channels. Beginning with building communication and engagement infrastructure, such as a database of members, we work behind the scenes to support targeted communication and engagement strategies, and, ultimately, bring certainty to processes, governance, and decision-making. Wherever possible, we build community capacity as we go and leave a legacy of communication tools, skills and understanding for comprehensive future communication and engagement on other issues.

Why We Do It

The current legal and economic landscape is creating both opportunities and challenges for First Nations faced with important issues such as development, self-governance or resource development. First Nations put forth significant effort and resources to negotiate agreements with government and the private sector. The absence of a rigorous strategy for communicating about the process with members can create significant challenges – both practical and legal. Blockades at polling stations and legal challenges to ratified agreements are just two examples of risks that can be managed with an early commitment to communicate with members and a transparent ratification process.

We find that First Nations are relatively well serviced in the area of negotiations, but implementation - such as connecting members to opportunities - continues to be a challenge. Ultimately we do what we do because we’re convinced that comprehensive, effective marketing, communication and engagement and capacity building are at the core of achieving long-term positive change within First Nations.